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I just had surgery last week to have my cancerous prostate gland removed. The Dr. said the cancer was contained to the prostate gland and had not spread. My only thought/worries now are about bladder control(wearing a pad/adult diaper) and impotency. I still have the cathetar and staples in, but will be removed in about 3 more days. How soon after these are removed will i notice whether i can control urination and have an erection? Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.


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    If you are not already doing so, you should be practicing the cagle excercise. I'm sure your surgeon described it to you. If not, it is training your muscles as if you were attempting to stop the flow of urine. Once the catheter is removed you will have some leakage because you will have to continue to train your muscles,and everytime you forget and relax there is the possibility of leakage. I'm sure it varies with the individual and the surgical procedures required, but I never had to use anything except the light pads that adher to the inside of your underwear. Within 6 weeks or less I did not have to wear any protection. Occasionally, when I laugh my body forgets to react and I may have a drop or so leak, but never anything to be concerned about.

    I don't know you age or physical condition, but when I had surgery I was 58 and very sexually active. Following surgery I was responding within 4 weeks and my wife and I had relations before my 6 week checkup. You do have to be sure and empty your bladder prior to sex however. The same feeling is there but there is no liquid to eject. This sounds strange but in my case the feeling is exactly as it was prior to surgery.

    I'm sure all recoveries vary according to patient, but this is my experience. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at

    Best of Luck, and don't give up!!!

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    Well I had the sergery the 24 of july and was supposed to be out of the hospital in three days. Well I was in for a week 7 days I had a bleeder. I took 5 units of blood.I was supposed to have the cathider out in 10 days I had it 30 cause of all the bleading . I have had the cathider out for 9 days and am totally incontenant and erection is not even a twinge not at all not even on viagra so not very happy here hope you do better. I just hope to get the bladder in controll the rest I may just have to deal with. I wish I would not ever had the sergery at least I would have had some quality of life for 3 to 5 more years. any way have to go hope you get better. sparktrician44
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    I had the same procedure done almost 3 years ago.It takes about 2-3 months to retrain the remaining muscles to control the incontenence. There are exercises that help with this problem, follow the doctors directions on that problem. As far as the other problem I have not had much success with erections.I am 48 yrs old and at this point very disappointed with that area. I just now am taking steps to try to cope with the reality of this. I just registered with this network to try to come to grips with the harsh reality of what I have been given. My brain tells me that the operation saved my life but my ego has taken a beating.I am single and I know that this isn't the end of the my life but I simply don't know how to return to active dating without the part of me that I feel I need. To say the least I am at a loss on how to accept all of this. I hope I haven't added to your worries but as you can see I needed to vent.
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    Hi, I had my prostate removed 9/12/02 on a Thursday. Went home Sat. morning. The surgeons said I did so well that I could go home Friday. I decided to stay until Sat. I had the catheyer in 7 days. I still wear a light pad because I am not fully continent. I have not had an erection yet. My Dr. will not give me viagra until I dry up. He said it is very rare a man will get an erection without some assistance before 6 months. I never felt bad, run down or anything. My scar is only 3 inches. The Dr. did a great job. I anticipate being dry in a few more weeks. I had a very small amount of cancer which was confined to the prostate. You will know if you have control when they take the catheter out because you will urinate into a bottle and the nurse will have you start and stop a few times. That doesn't mean your bladder will work right away but it does mean you will have control at some point. It may take up to a year.
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    I had Radical prostate surgery in 1998. Lucklily it had not spread to the lympnodes. I went through the process of the catherer and the ballon. You will have to take kegel exercises to strenghten your contractual muscles again. I used one large page of Depends and one small package of depends. To this day I still try and use the kegel exercises to keep my muscles in good order. Also, I was told that this will also help your sexual muscles to grow stronger. I was 65 years old when I had the surgery. Today at 70 years plus, my psa is still zero. So good luck and Gods speed to your recovery.