Totally Scared!!!!!

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Hello, just wondering how you get over the fear of having any sorts of exams,test,blood test..etc.. after having breast cancer !! I am going tommorrow a.m. for my first mammogram since my dx and I'm a bucket of nerves,,I can't imagine sitting in the room while the radiologist checks the films,last time I was called back for more pictures five times!!!! Then a biopsy ,then a meeting with a surgeon..all in the same day!! Want to hear something ironic,,tommorrow is the one year anniversary of the day I was told I had cancer!!!!! It has been one year of adventure for sure!!! An adventure I never want to go on again!!! God Bless all of you. karin


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    Hi Karin! Hang in there!!! I'll tell you, I can't speak for others, but I will never get over the anxiety of it all. I think it's because I know my body has already betrayed me and it could happen again. I will give you this fair warning though ... in my situation, my docs are extremely cautious ... so they wreck my nerves every time ... they always want to look at something further ... or do more tests ... I'm 4 years out from my dx and it is still always something ... but not cancer so far. Just hang in there ... keep positive thoughts and try not to let the nerves consume you. I know, I know ... easier said than done. Let us know how it goes ... my thoughts and prayers are with you. Hugs and kisses, angie
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    Yes, it is very scary! I and thousands of others feel the very same way. I just had an MRI and it came back clean and I STILL worry about my good breast! It is so hard to live with this fear. The only way I can face the fear is through prayer. The devil loves making us feel scared and he hopes we go on without faith and to face it alone. It's funny though karin, here I am telling you all this and I will still feel just like you in two months for my chest xray! Hang in there girl, and I will too!!! God bless you always, pkay
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    My der Karin, the first time I went back to the doc I threw up in the parking lot! It is really tough, but now, after 3 years, it is not so bad. Ask him to give you a few valium, then you can go in and not care next time! ha ha. This last May 16th, my 3 & 1/2 anniversary, I am sitting in that silly gown shivering with fear and the nurse bounces in and announces, "He wants to see another view". They are lucky I didn't pass out on the floor. Well, he got them and came in and said all was fine. I am postponing my regular physical out of fear, and I have to go. I have a friend on another site that has made 11 appts. for her first mammo, and has made it to the parking lot 4 times, but never in the door! Try to just push all the bad thoughts out of your mind and smile. (If you figure out how to do this, please tell the rest of us!) ha ha, Hugs and kisses, your sister, Shirlann
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