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Hi, I am a 34 year old bone cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at age 13 with osteosarcoma and was "terminal" I had my Illium removed, an infected bone grat taken out but managed to learn how to walk again. I also have chronci staff infection in my leg and had my femeral head removed a few years ago..but agian can still walk. I deal with chronic pain and fatigue but manage to live a very productive and fulling life. I'm happt to talk to anyone and am happy to jin this group!


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    Dear lgraz,
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    Dear lgraz: I am a mother of a young man, who is now 21, that has had bone cancer twice. First time in his humerus in the right arm -was cancer free for 5 1/2 yrs. when it returned in his pelvis and illiac wing. He had the left side of his pelvis removed and replaced with an allograft and then a hip replacement at the same time. He is walking using a walker. It is nice to hear that there are others out there in the world going through so much in life as my son is and still living a happy, productive life 21 years later. God bless you!
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    hi i had osteosarcoma in my

    hi i had osteosarcoma in my left humerus when i was 14 i have been 10 years cancer free but was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy a couple of years ago caused by the chemotherapy but that is being managed fine now with medication, lately i have just been wondering about the hole type scar on my stomach from a feeding peg i was wondering if i was to get pregnant someday (hopefully i can unsure if i can have children) will that scar be atretched?