prayers work

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thanks to all .The prayers worked. The baby came home today and is eating also. Remember me tomorrow as I have to start a new chemo. Thanks to all Judy


  • karbear
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    Judy,thats wonderful news ! I'm glad your new grandchild is doing good. I will have you in my prayers that your chemo goes well for you..God Bless !! karin
  • banker
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    Glad the baby is OK. hope you have better luck with your new chemo.I wish you the best.
    Take care and keep us posted.
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  • grandma
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    Hi Judy, praise the Lord, prayers do work!!
    So happy that your Grandaughter, is home and ok.will pray that your chemo goes well and you will be ok. GOD BLESS AND STAY BY YOUR SIDE THRU OUT ALL GOOD AND BAD TIMES YOU MIGHT HAVE. LOVE, Flo
  • vjc5199
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    hiya, Judy!
    so glad to hear the baby is doing well! hope your chemo went well. i'm thinking of you. God bless. Vicki
  • nasa2537
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    been out of town again, so late to respond, but Praise The Lord about the baby!!!!! I KNOW prayers work!!! How did your chemo go this time? Let us know...Cyndi