Second Look Surgery

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I am 39 y.o. and recently diagnosed with Stage II ovarian cancer on 3/13/02. I had a hysterectomy, salpingectomy and bilateral oophorectomy followed by 3 courses of chemo(taxol & carbo). I completed my last treatment on Friday and so far everything appears to be progressing nicely.

My gyn.oncologists mentioned the possibility of 2nd look surgery. I really didn't want to discuss the surgery because I dread the thought of another hospital stay. I was in the hospital for 6 days after my surgery because I couldn't get rid of a fever. Is 2nd look absolutely necessary? If so, why? Did anyone have the surgery? What were your results? If you chose not to have the surgery, why not?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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    HI!! I also was dignosed with Stage II ovca, but mine was a Stage IIc., on Dec.2,2000. My DR. said nothing about a second look surgery. I had no idea that there was one.I have been in remm. after my first treatment, same as yours, Taxol&Carbo. I had 6 rounds, of cheme., 6hrs. each, every 21 days. Please feel free to e-mail me....would love to here from you!! Please take care....stay well!! patti36 .......AND GOD BLESS
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    I have read about second-sight surgery, but somehow was under the impression that it was being used less and less. The best thing might be to get another gyn-onc's opinion.
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    HI - I was diagnosed in April 1999 with ovarian cancer. I also had hysterectomy and 6 courses of chemo (taxol and platinol later taxol and carbo). When they prepared me for the hysterectomy they mentionned a 2nd look operation after one year time, which I did not appreciate at all. But I did not discuss at that stage because I still was under schock and the idea of going back to hospital was frightening.
    Anyway, after a few months my doctor said that the 2nd look was not necessary and that this kind of operation is rarely done.
    You can see a lot with the ultras and during the controls. Please do not accept any further surgery - talk to your doctor honestly about your fears.
    I would be happy hearing from you. My private E-mail address ist [email protected].
    Take care - all the best
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    I had a second look surgery about 6 months after the first (with 6 chemo rounds in between)...I got the all clear and have had no problems in the nearly 2 decades since.

    I'm not sure if it would be helpful to say that the 2nd sugery was easier on me (less disorganization of my insides or something), because I was pretty young at the time and kids bounce back easier.
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    I am an estrogen positive breast cancer person. My oncologist thinks I should opt for a bilateral oopherectomy. My OB/GYN is less thrilled about the idea because of the side effects. What side effects have you experienced thus far? Do you feel crappy all the time? Have you gained a bunch of weight? Anything you can tell me will help me in my decision. There is question on whether or not my grandmother had cervical/ovarian cancer which could be my link, however there is no way of finding out what she had. I'm leaning towards the surgery - but scared as hell over what I will be like afterwards. Tamoxofin failed for my aunt after just two years and for another friend after five. I would rather take Arimidex, as from what I've read it is probably a bit better, but for post-menopausal women only. This is just so over-whelming at times. Kate