radiation damage

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I was wondering if anyone has had radiation damage to their lung and nerves that effect the arm? I had radiation about six months ago. The doctor now says I have pleural effusion from damage to the lung. They have drained fluid out several times but no long term fix. Is there one that anyone knows of? They have already tried antibiotics and prednisone but the fluid always returns. I also discovered I have nerve damage to my right arm, I am doing exercises which have eased the pain but it feels like I have a tennis ball in my arm pit all of the time. Has anyone dealt with that before and if so what can be done?


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    Hi, I have costochondritis, an inflammation between the ribs and the chest wall and two broken ribs from "bone softening" from radiation. Hummm, they didn't tell us about these things when we signed up! Hugs & kisses, Shirlann