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Hi to everyone. I'm still here just a bit quiet lately. There are so many new names on the site I feel like a stranger now. I have been working a bit through an agency. It was so good to be well enought to do that even if it did knock the stuffing out of me. I have had a lot of fluid retention from Taxotere. The oncologist says it will be permanent. Not a nice message to get. I put on 5 kg in a week & feel sick all the time. I am on pills to drain that & it has only partially worked. That led to low potassium levels so I now have pills for that too. And so on & so on.So far my tumour marker levels have stayed stable so I am in partial remission.
To any one new who wants advice just ask. I am a 21 year survivor in stage 4 & still fighting. To those who knew her I have planted a rose named "In remeberance" for Rosa Moore. It is a beautiful full bodied red rose & is doing well.
Love & hugs to all

Pam from New Zealand


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    Hi Pam,
    I was really glad to see your post, I have been thinking about you and wondered how you were doing.You certainly are a fighter and I remember Rosa saying to Kick Cancer Butt and we sure are trying.What a nice gesture to plant a rose in her honor, I know you two were great friends.Keep us posted on how you are doing.
    God Bless
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    Hi Pam. My name is Judy. I was so glad to hear your story. I have been at this now for 5 yrs. You have made me know that people can survive this, and that will keep me going. So thanks alot. Judy
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    judy22 said:

    Hi Pam. My name is Judy. I was so glad to hear your story. I have been at this now for 5 yrs. You have made me know that people can survive this, and that will keep me going. So thanks alot. Judy

    Hi Pam,

    So glad to get some news about you and know that your condition is stable now. Hope and pray that it continues that way for you.

    How nice to plant the rose for Rosa. I miss her a lot because we wrote so often - she was so kind and thoughtful despite her troubles and pain. I had to get the Kleenex out again. Still have her family picture on the bookcase shelf. I think you have one too.

    Stay well - my wish for you.

    Love and hugs, Jean
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    So glad to see you around here once again. You sure are showing us all some wonderful moves to kicking that old cancers butt. Thanks for telling us about the rose for Rosa what a nice idea. That reminds me of a saying I heard early on in my cancer fight, "Where there is a garden, there is hope."
    So nice to hear from you Pam.
    Be good to yourself always,
    Love ya,
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    Hi Pam. So glad you're holding your own. Sorry you are having some retention problems. I really miss your posts !I think about you and Rosa often. I also have her picture up with my family pictures. Take care. Keep in touch. HUGS!! Cathy
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    Hi, Pam, I know what you mean about all the newbies, it is a little daunting. You wonder where everyone we knew has gone to? Hopefully, all are well. It was good to hear from you! God bless you and keep you safe, your sister, Shirlann
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    hello, miss seeing your posts. I have quite a bit of fluid retention in my arm and hand also but like yourself am making the most of life anyway. Touch the "rose" for me, god truly blessed us all with Rosa. Take care Pam.
    Hugs always,
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    Hi Pam - It was really nice hearing from you again. Also glad you are feeling good enough to work a little, and I am sure it makes your days go by much better. It probably also keeps your mind busy that way. I understand about having to take the potassium pills, I am doing the same thing. Also glad to hear that you are in partial remission. I know how great the power of prayer is, and will keep you in my prayers yet. I am sure your red rose will do well, and help lift your spirits in the memory of Tiger. We all miss her very much.
    You take care. God Bless, Lucy
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    hiya, Pam

    i'm one of the "new names" to the site. i've only been in the fight for 5 or 6 months so hearing that you are a 21 yr survivor really gives me hope. i have an 8 mo old son i am determined to see get married and to spoil his kids. thanks for the lift. God bless. vicki
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    Pam, I am also very happy to hear that you are doing ok. You have been wonderful support for me with your responses when I posted and I thank you for that. Its great to have such wonderful support group here . I am sorry to hear that you are having some problems and hope they will be able to help you with it. Stay strong !! God Bless,,karin
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    Hi Pam...it's nice to meet you. I am fairly new to the site, and am really enjoying it. I am not, however, enjoying the fact that there are so many women here at all. I keep praying they will irradicate this disease, as I'm sure we all do. I'm so sorry you are going through what you're going through....so bittersweet to hear you are doing well and feeling like crap!!! God bless you for fighting so hard for so long, and for planting a rose for Rosa...I didn't know her, but I'm sure she was a wonderful lady. Best wishes, and lots of prayers, Cyndi