Mammo really IS ok!

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Hi all...I want to first thank all of you for your support when I told of the letter I received about my mammo. I called my radiation oncologist, and read my letter to him. I asked him if he thought "probably benign" were the correct words to use in a letter to a woman who has had breast cancer. I told him it wouldn't have been as bad if they would have at least added that the area in question was the scar bed, because at least then I would know it was an area you would expect to see surgical and treatment changes. The way they said it, I didn't even know if it was a different area of the breast they were watching, or even if it was the same breast. He said I was not the 1st woman he had to bring down off the ceiling because of that wording from the diagnostic center. He suggested I let them know how I felt about it, as he has told them over and over again that they need to change it, but obviously, it hasn't helped. So, they will be getting a letter from me as soon as I get settled back up in Michigan for the summer. He read me his report, which actually had reports from 2 radiologists, and his copy said that the changes in the right breast were consistent with lumpectomy and radiation. That's supposed to be the technical explanation....mine was supposed to be the "layman's terms" explanation. Unfortunately, I understood his report better! Anyway, I'm ok with it now, and will be writing a lengthy letter to the diagnostic center. Again, I thank you all for your support while I was freaking out! God bless, Cyndi


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    Glad your mammo is OK. I sure hope you WILL write that letter to them, also request a reply from the administrator.Go get em...Emmi
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    Great news!!! I am so happy for you!! I have my mamo tom, first one since dx!! Wish me luck!!
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    >>He said I was not the 1st woman he had to bring down off the ceiling because of that wording from the diagnostic center.

    Even under the circumstances, I'll bet you had to laugh at his description of worried women. He sounds sympathetic and nice.

    So glad you feel relieved.
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    you go girl!!!!!! ;) your doc shouldn't HAVE to take women off the ceiling because the diagnostic center shouldn't put them up there to begin with! glad all is well vicki
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    FANTASTIC NEWS!!! So happy for you.
    God bless and keep you always, love,Flo