awaiting cat scan results

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Hi everyone it's Sylvia. I havn't posted a message here for quite a while. just letting everyone know that I went through a cat scan May 15 and am awaiting the results. This will determine if I will be put back on chemo again. I am a 13 and a half year survivor of breast cancer. I went through chemo in 1989 and for 10 months from Mar. 2001 to Jan. 2002 which included 8 courses of AC. I have had a mastectomy in 1989 and have been through radiation 4 times in my life I have mets to the bones and the liver. But I pray that in all things that God's will be done. Love and prayers to all Sylvia


  • jeancmici
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    Hi Sylvia,

    So nice to hear from you again. Hope and pray that your results are good. You are amazing - but you know that!

    Best wishes - keep us informed.
    Love, Jean
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    hi Sylvia, I hope you will get a good report.
    will keep you in my prayers, GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU!! LOVE,Flo