scar tissue/fluid build up

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Has anyone had a problem with scar tissue/fluid build up at the lumpectomy sight? How was it treated?


  • banker
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    Hi, shortly after my lumpectomy I had some fluid built-up, my Doctor aspirated once, it was OK after that. Have some scartissue which is now pretty hard from the radiation , I hope this will get better. All is very recent. Now I am in chemo therapy. Hope this helps. Take care. Emmi
  • judy22
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    Hi there. I had my whole breast removed, and under my arm and down my arm swell very bad Ask your doc. about going to a lymphedema clinic. This has helped me
  • maud
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    Hi Cathy,
    I had a mastectomy but I did have fluid build up and the Dr. drained it a few different times.I hope you can get some help.
    God Bless