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I had my second breast reconstructed in Feb 2001. Because I had a free flap the first time (which turned out great) there was no tissue to use on the second. They took tissue from my back and put in an expander. Well needless to say I have had nothing but problems. They had to take the expander out because of infection and then I had to heal before they could but it back in. So far there has been no infection or rejection but also no expansion. Just another problem. I would like to know if anyone else has had this and if there is any solution. The tissue/skin on my back where thy took the flap is becoming as hard as a rock. My Plastic surgeon says this is from the radiation. I still have a small opening from my surgery in January that has not healed. I get tired of hearing "it just takes time" and will be OK. That seems to be his answer. Well I don't know how much time I have (although all indication at this time are that I am cancer free) and I don't that all is going to be OK. If you have any advise I would surley apprectite it. Bless you all.


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    Hi there. I also had the surgeries that you are talking about. They took mine from my back also. I have had nothing but trouble ever since. Even now I have so much pain in my chest and under my arm. If you would like to talk e-mail me at good luck Judy
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    Dear Eliana,
    I am so sorry to hear about your problems. As if you haven't suffered enough, to have chronic problems with the reconstruction is heartbreaking. Talk to the surgeon that did the mastectomy and seek a second opinion from another plastic surgeon. Be good to yourself too. The stress from all of this could be impacting your ability to heal. My prayers are with you! Keep us posted and let us know how everything goes.