Lattisimus Dorsi Flap Reconstruction

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I am considering this as a possibility for my double reconstruction in July. If you have had this procedure, I would like to really know how difficult you considered the actual surgery, what if any weakness you experienced or experiencing in your arms as I am a massage therapist and artist. I keep wondering how this option will impact my work. Whatever else you wish to share that will help in my decision making will be much appreciated. Thanks


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    I had a latflap about 9 mos. ago and the problems I have had are not being able to put weight on my back such as trying to scoot up in a chair with my arm supporting me. Since the muscle from the back is in the front, my strength in that area is minimal. I play softball and it is hard for me to throw the ball anymore, but since you paint it should pose no problem. The massaging may be a little more difficult due to not having the muscle in the back. Don't get me wrong, it is not a handicap. The strenth is just not as strong as it was before the operation. Anyway, I hope that helped a little. Take care and goodluck in your decision. God Bless always!
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    is this where they take the extra skin from your back? If so, I did have this reconstruction surgery.
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