Keep the Faith

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Hi all! I am 35, I have a wonderful life, I was saying a few weeks ago that I "had" a wonderful life when I was dealing with the new diagnosis of Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer and my life was completely changed and continues to change. But I realize everyday that there is a purpose, a meaning, there has to be,and when I read postings from people who just need a shoulder, or a caring ear, I realize I can give that. I can try to make you smile and see the brighter side, because as much as we have a hard time seeing through the dark skies, there is always sunshine behind the clouds. We can go through life denying that or accepting that and enjoying it while we can. I have a saying... " I eat Icecream for dinner" which means, now I "can" step outside the rules, I have been given new rules for living, I don't know how long I will eat dinner, so I am going to taste what I can while I can. I hope this inspires at least one, but many would be nice too. Please write, I promise to write back... and some how, some way, I will make you smile! God Bless and Love to all! [email protected]


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    Helloto you both! I am a 3-yr cancer survivor...I hope that your time will be meaningful! LOVE each other each day, pray, and KNOW that GOD does have a plan for you both!...e-mail me if you wish!
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    Charley (PS my prayers are with you both)!