Step-mom has stage IV NSCLC cancer, help

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My step mom was diagnosed with stage non small call cancer last spring. They told her she's had it for 4 years. She has stopped responding to chemo so they stopped the treatments. They now tried radiation. She is in such terrible pain my dad rushed her to the U of M tonight. This is the second time she has been hospitalized for pain. She no longer responds to morphine. Does anyone have any ideas what could help her stop the pain??? It's so bad she's shaking and can't even speak or move.

Also her mother just passed away yesterday, and my uncle died today. I know this is tearing them down even more. I'm so worried about my father also, he loves her so much. I live 160 miles away what can I do to help them. I feel so helpless here. What can I say or do to help make their lives better.
She also has 3 adult children. We speak at family gatherings and holidays but I don't live near them so we don't ever really get together outside of our parents homes. What can I say to them. I'm so afraid myself, I just can't find the right words. Please help!


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    This is a terrible time for you and your family. The only advice I can give you is to let everyone know how much you care for them. Reach out to her children and let them know you are thinking of them and support each other. Right now family is sooo important.

    Hang in there!

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    Hi my name is Mia. I'm sorry to hear about what your step-mother's going through. I understand how hard it is to keep in contact when you're living far away, since I live in the States and a lot of my family members are in Europe.

    I think you can let her know you care in lots of different ways, maybe by sending a card, or flowers, or by calling and having someone hold the phone for her if she can't do it herself, so that she can hear your voice. I remember just before my grandmother passed away when she was very ill, someone held the phone for her so that she could hear my voice, and it was soothing for her.

    If it helps to talk, please let me know. I was recently diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and haven't started my treatment yet. I feel strong now; most likely when I start my treatment I won't have as much strength, but I still hope to be able to talk and write sometimes.