wondering why im living

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my best friends dad died a couple days ago and were both recks. Lately ive been questioning lifes meaning...i seem to not have intrest in silly things anymore. Have you ever wondered what your purpose on earth was..? and the scary thing is im only 14 (help me i need support)


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    Hi Strength,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's father. I think it's very normal to question life's meaning. We do this throughout our lives and many base career changes and personal decisions on what life means to them. For everyone life's meaning is different and it's up to each of us to figure it out. How mature you are at 14 to ask for help and to reach out. Many people can't reach out at all. Keep coming back here and posting, maybe a support group for family and friends of cancer patients would help or individual counselling. I'm sure you must be in shock and very upset about your friend's father. Please keep talking to us.


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    I'm 50 and I wonder about my life's purpose every day. I think cancer or any life-altering experience forces us to be introspective. You are fortunate that you are capable of such depth at such a young age. Sometimes meaing is discovered in a book, a movie, a sermon, or a conversation with a friend (or even a stranger). Your purpose may be to inspire greatness or compassion in others. Be gentle with yourself and know that we all suffer and search for our own paths in life. Some of us even find one that suits us!
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    the death of a loved one, illnesses, family and economic problems often lead us to think:What is the purpose of LIFE?
    the answer lies in a special kind of knowlege, one that is not far off from each of us.
    " this means everlasting life their taking in knowledge of you the only true God and of the one whom you sent forth Jesus Christ..." john 17:3. knowledge that leads to life? in these conditions now? under what type of conditions?revelation 21:4 read.