Stem cell transplant

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Has anyone gone through stem cell transplant? I'm 3 years out this month and am doing well - soon to have CT, bone scan and mammo. Hoping God will continue to provide good health!


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    Stem cell transplant is very complicated. You have to be hospitalized for awhile. You actually get a lethal dose of chemo which is suppose to destroy all cancer cells as well as your own stem cells that protect us. The ones removed are replaced and your body grows new ones. If it works, it can give more years to your life. That would be the last hope effort for me - that is, I would want to try everything else before going through this. One friend is doing really well since this process; and another not well at all. I do pray and hope you will never have to face that decision; that all your scans will continue to be clear and healthy.
    God bless you.
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    I had a stem cell transplant in 1999 and as of today doing just great! I'm glad I had it and would have it again, my life is worth taking any risk to save it. Sure it can kill you, but so can getting out of bed in the morning. I had to believe that my doctors were doing what they consider the best for me. The reports as far as the benefits go are really still to be determind don't you think? I'm still here so it worked for me and who's to say that the women who died wouldn't of died anyways. How many people die from heart, lung, kidney, liver transplants, but they're still doing them and don't consider them a failure, or not worth doing. It's a decision that is not easy to make, but what helped me was asking myself the question, that if I didn't do everything possible and the cancer came back,how would that affect my mental state. If you do everything you can then you don't have to deal with the "what if, or if only"

    I to hope that God continues to bless you with good health! I also hpoe He continues to give comfort to us all!

    Audrey 98'
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    Hi! I've been looking for someone who had a stem cell transplant. I had mine July of 1999. I'm doing well too - Do you know they quit doing transplants for breast cancer? Guess we're lucky we got in when we did.
    I'm still getting my baby shots. Have 3 more to get. Let me know how your tests come out. Melody (Hagelgans