questioning lifes meaning

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edited March 2014 in Emotional Support #1 only 14 and questioning life. Its not that i want to do anything to mine im jsut wondering if liffes worth lving. A couple days ago my best friends father died and where both recks. I look at these people who have nothing and me haveing so much. Now i just want to spend my life helping other people. if anyone needs emotional support im here


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    I can understand why you'd be asking about the meaning of life at this time. I haven't the faintest idea, myself, but I think your desire to help people is a lovely one, and I wish you well with it.
    Life can seem pointless in the face of the death of someone you love very much. But the pain comes from the love he gave, which you and your friend were lucky to have, as I'm sure you both know. Grieving takes time, and it's very painful.
    I believe that life is very much worth living, whatever the pain that comes with it. What matters is not wasting it, because it's precious. You're doing that.
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    You already know the answer. Your willingness to help is more than you realize.
    I have a note posted where I can see it each day and reads ..."Yesterday is history. Tomorrow a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why it's called the PRESENT!"....
    It is a gift, make the best of it and share it to the best of your ability.
    If, you read other comments from those of us having caner etc.. I hope you get the idea that we are going to fight it and enjoy whatever God allows us each day.
    It is just as tough on our families and loved ones -- we need to remember this too.
    Joe Nutter
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    Well arent you the sweetest thing... thank you .. and I hope you are doing well
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    Painful moments always pass with time. I feel for you. I just finished breast cancer treatment and survived. I have been in 3 car accidents, 9 surgeries, lost my father 2 years ago to suicide and almost took my life, 3 times. I now respect life and think everyday how lucky I am to smell the morning air, watch a good movie, spend time with friends and kiss my 12 year old son. Life really is special and there are people who never appreciated it and wish they would of. Your pain will pass and sad and happy moments will come to you. You are smart to want to help people, that is a very good way to help your pain and help someone else at the same time. Be strong and know that God danced around when you were born...take care...Julieanne