what can she do ?

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My friend was told resently she has only 6 to a year to live what can she do ?


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    dear brownsugar:

    it is good knowing that your friend has you to lean on. she can keep up with her doctor's appt's. but most of all keep the faith knowing that its all going to be ok. do something "fun and memorable both of you so year s later you can look back and say i did this to help a friend. if you need some additional help e mail at ckelly63@AOL.COM


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    Get a second opinion. Try a cancer center. There are several - Tulsa, OK and other places that may be able to extend that dx.
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    Hi, I would go to the nearest breast cancer SPECIALTY clinic. One that does nothing but breast cancer or a department that does nothing but breast cancer. UCLA has one, Sloan-Kettering, Brigham & Williams, several in Texas, get on the net as her friend and find out where the clinical trials are, etc. There is lots you can do for her, I am sure she is in shock, but as an advocate, you can help gathering information and then she can decide what she wants to do. Hugs and Kisses, Shirlann
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    You are a true friend and it is too bad doctors think they can pin point a time. They can't. I have seen many live long beyond any hope the doctors ever gave and lived outside of the criteria set out for some. I think it is sad that one thinks of life in terms of time left. I suppose that is truly because most don't truly start until they have a reason to and that might be the thought of an end. Cancer survival truly begins at the diagnosis because it is all we have to endure from that point on that is the real challenge.
    I hope you can lead your friend to this site and maybe find time to share this with her and do this together. It is very frightening all we have to face in such a short time let alone hearing the words that ones time is limited. Being a true survivor is living beyond the hopes and dreams of others and finding a life for ones self in the now. The harshness of reality looms close to us all and that fear alone, being able to accept it and move on beyond it, is the true meaning of survival.
    We are with your friend, drawing her close to our hearts. I hope to meet her one day soon.
    I thank you for being such a good friend,
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    I'm just new to this group today, so the reply is a little late. Please, please....get a 2nd opinion. From the American Cancer Society's main page, you can click on links that take you to a search, where you can search for facilities and/or Dr's within a certain mile radius of your home. You specify how many miles you want them to look. Then, start calling them all and ask for a breast cancer oncologist. I have a friend who went to a general oncologist. He gave her about 10 minutes of general cancer info, then said chemo was up to her. I took her to my breast cancer oncologist for a 2nd opinion, and she told her that with her type of cancer, chemo is not recommended til the tumor is over a certain size. My point being, the 2nd opinion may or may not agree, but it would be so worth it to either have a confirmation, or a differing opinion to work with. If the opinions differ and she is not satisfied, get a 3rd opinion. Oncologists are used to that....she is dealing with HER life, and she has to take charge. Thank you for being such a good friend to care so much. We all need friends like you to go through this with. God bless both opf you!