Waiting For The Big 5 Year News

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I rceived the most shocking news in August of 1998 when my urologist informed me that the biopsy on my prostate came back positive The biopsy was triggred by a PSA of 10.1. The Gleason reading was at 7.2 and a stage betwen 3 and 5. Three weeks later, my wife and I decided the treatment method: 5 weeks of radiation and brachy therapy. My uncologist would not consider me a cancer survivor despite the fact that my PSA is below 0.5. He reassured me he will do so in my 5th year anniversary of my procedure. While my readings were alarmingly high, I fought within myself to remain positive and active. I did not call in sick once during the treatment. Not once! I remained determined to defeat this thing. I urge those recently diagnosed to stay strong, confident and dtermined.


  • nutt
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    Thanks, glad to see your attitude! I am now in the post seed/hormone treatment and waiting on the first psa level in May.
    Have taken your approach to heart. I am going golfing Sunday!
    Good Luck to both of us.
    Joe Nutter
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    My doctor told me after surgery in january 2000 the PSAlevel should be undetectable.I had 0.07 and am since then on Zoladex( hormonetherapy) It will last for three years and then will be interrupted to go to IAD(Intermittent androgen suppression)
    Good luck