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i was recently dignose with breast cancer but a survior with ovarian.I just had a double masctomy with reconstration and that is not done with. Just was wondering if anyone eles out there is where i am at or just finish. thanks and i hope spelling doesnot count.


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    Hey Palo:

    I was diagnosed in June 2001 and had a partial mastectomy with reconstruction. I unfortunately had to have the skin expansion first and that has slowed down the completion of the reconstruction. I go back to my plastic surgeon on the 30th and hopefully we can schedule the next step and get this stuff over with. This part of the process hasn't been too bad; just impatient. How are you doing otherwise?
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    Hi, honey don't worry about your spelling! If burd doesn't spell bird, what does it spell? That is from Wm. Randolph Hearst's father who founded the San Francisco Examiner. We want you to join us and get all the help we can give, we don't give a rodent's **** about spelling! You have certainly been through a lot, dear girl. Remember, you will get better, you are in my prayers and in my arms, hugs and kisses, Shirlann
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    I'm 40 years old and just had a modified radical mastectomy on April 11. I had a tissue expander placed at the time of surgery. I'll start saline fills in about 3 weeks. I've got a great plastic surgeon that I'm working with - but best of all I just got the phone call today that the nodes are NEGATIVE. I can now look forward to healing! Good luck to you too!
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    Oh my gosh we are perfect chat buddies and I am desperately seeking one. Today I found out that I have a positive sestabmebie scan for breast cancer. I am also an ovarian cancer survivor of two times. I pray that you write me back. My email is andreat6777@hotmail.com. I dont check this often. How long ago were you diagnosed with ovarian cancer and what kind? Mine was dysgerminoma and my first diagnosis was Oct 1986 at the age of 9. I relapsed in Nov 1992 at 15 and it is almost time to "celebrate" the ten year mark. What a way not only very possible breast cancer but another type too. I have an abnormal thyroid lump to check out. I would love to hear from you about what you are facing. While I havent been "offically" told that I have breast cancer I feel like I already have. Please email me as we are bound to have similar experiences. I wish you well.