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Last Nov I had a malignant tumor removed from my adrenal gland. It was not an adrenal cancer and after much testing, they cannot find the originating cancer. I dont know what kind of cancer it was or if it will come back. Every 3 mo I have to have a ct scan to look for it. I feel like every new lump and pain may be it. It is hard to just let it go. I am fighting depression.


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    All survivors, I think, worry about every ache and pain and lump. How much worse it must be for you, since at least most of us know what we had even if we don't know where or if it might come back. It *will* be hard to let go, and it might help just to be nice to yourself and accept the fear as normal (however much you'd like to dump it).

    I have been fighting depression, too, so I think I have an idea of how that magnifies every unpleasant thing, including those that aren't small to start with. Keep fighting, and if you're not already getting professional help in the struggle, you might want to consider doing so. It has helped me enormously.

    Best of all luck to you, and warm hugs.

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    Hello, I can really identify with what you are going through. My husband was diagnosed with advanced metastisized adenocarcinoma, but they cannot find the originating tumor, and therefore, have no way to track it or choose the best chemotherapy. All has been a guessing game. I can offer you my best hug right now, and tell you that you are not alone in this. Sometimes it helps me to know that others are suffering the same way we are, we are not alone. Email me if you like and we can be friends. Linda
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    Read your webpage just today.
    Thanks, you don't realize just how much that helped.