Greetings from Malayasia!

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To all of you ladies who have been on this site for over a year, Angie from Malaysia sends her best. She is doing very well. I updated her on our recent loss of Tiger and Wendy and as expected, she's devistated!She hopes to get a link to CSN so she can again join us here and send her own messages. Keep well! HUGS!! Cathy


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    Cathy, Thanks for the update on Angie and I am glad you have kept in touch with her. She used to chat with me from time to time and I enjoyed our conversations. Tell her I send my love and am very happy to hear she is doing well. Love to U, Nancy
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    I am so glad Angie is still around & doing so well. I remember she went to US for treatments. SO good it worked. I have never heard from Catherine Chen in Taipei after a fairly close correspondence. She wsa so badly hit with mets everywhere especially in her brain & liver that I fear the worst. I have written to her personal e-mail many times. I never get a failed or error mesage but get no replies. HAs anyone else heard from her.
    Lets kick some cancer butt ladies in memory of Tiger & Wendy.

    Love & hugs