last chemo yesterday

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well guys, I feel as if my security blanket is gone. I am so happy to have finished chemo, but there is a little part of me deep down inside that is not. I spoke to my social worker at chemo and she said it is very common to feel this way. Radiation is next, I'm going to ask them to put my whole body through the radiation! just kidding.
I just want to add that my heart also goes out to Tiger and to her family. She is now cancer free, Praise the Lord.


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    Glad to hear you have finished the chemo I hope you fly right through all the radiation treatments. Hang in there pkay your half ways there. I agree with you none of this is reassuring, there for the fears are there. I felt some what secure knowing the doctors were still looking at me while I went through radiation. Pkay hope you keep yourself well hydrated, I think that really helped me through all the treatments. I have been thinking of you, glad you wrote to let us know what is going on, hope to see you in chat again sometime soon.
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    Pkay, Congradulations on finishing chemo. I know how you feel about having a security blanket. I felt that way about my port like as long as it was there I would be fine, then they decide to remove in this past Nov. it took me awhile to realize that I was going to be okay, and that the Lord was with me all the way he certainly wouldn't leave me now.You take care of yourself and keep us posted we are all here for you.
    God Bless
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    congradulations!!am VERY happy for you.sending love and prayers...grandma
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    I felt the same as you ... as if my security blanket was gone. I felt even more so after radiation. I met a great bunch of people at radiation and got very used to seeing them every morning even if it was just for a few minutes. Radiation will go great for you. I like your statement that Tiger is now cancer free. That is the truth. Take care.