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I have stage 11 breast cancer 1 positive node er positive pr positive, Grade 1 with clean margins c-erb-b2 neg My Dr. is recommending cef 6 treatments has anyone taken that type of chemo? I'm worried about side affects ,


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    Hi Cheer....sounds like you have just about what I had. I had AC chemo four treatments so I am not sure how CEF is different. But chemo in general is not nearly as bad as it used to be because of the great anti nausea drugs they have now. and when they say things like 'drink lots of water' they mean lots of water!!! Do everything they say religously and you will be fine I am sure. I had the chemo, the radiation etc and wasnt able to keep working fulltime throughout, but some ladies everyone is different. Unfortunatley this site is now so slow that not as many people come here, but it is still good to hang around and especially to read some of the profile pages. Best of luck with your treatments. Susan
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    Have you gotten Dr. Susan Love's Breast Cancer book. You can read about ANYTHING in there AND it teaches you how to read your reports. What does CEF stand for?