Anyone experience shooting pain in their elbow ??

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Hello, I had a masectomy seven months ago almost and I have been having a shooting pain down to my elbow and my arm feels achey somedays. (kind of tingly) Anyone else have this happen to them ? It is terrible every ache and pain scares me too death. I wish I could get rid of that feeling.Thanks for listening. Kar


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    Dearest Kar,
    Sorry to hear of your plight. I too was young when got my dx. I was 36 and already had a lump that they diagnosed as fibrous cyst. Couldn't get a doctor to do testing because I was healthy and well build. 8 months later sicker than a dog.
    A small percentage of us patients are sensative to our treatments and suffer side affects from those treatments. Joint pain, arthritis, and nerve pain are some of the side affects. It took me almost 2 years to get all my chronic pain addressed, leaving me with several diseases to deal with after cancer. I know one thing and one should not suffer. We all diserve quality to our lives. Discomfort normal, pain on the other hand needs to be addressed. Keep after them till you are satisfied.
    Be good to yourself,
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    Hello. My mastectomy was a little over a year ago and I still have muscle pains. You are using muscles you never used before because everything is in a different allignment. Tell your doctor, and keep your chin up
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    Hi Kar,

    I just had my bilateral mastectomy on November 15. The doctor also removed some of the breast bone. I still have shooting pain down to the elbow. At times I also have significant chest pain. I was worried about my heart. However, my doctors believe that it is from the surgery. I never have the pains when I am actually at the doctor's office. I was having more pain running down my arm prior to mastectomy and that was due to one of the tumors being involved with nerves. I know that I am still going through the healing from the surgery much less the prior and continued treatment, and I have tried to relax about the pain. My surgical oncologist suggests Viox or Celebrex(maximum dosages for longterm post surgical pain). I was already taking this in conjunction with other pain medication for bone lesions. Be sure to talk with your doctors because there is help for this pain. I am keep a time log of the chest pain and pain that runs down my arm just to be cautious. That way I can notify my doctor of any changes. I know its scary when you don't know if it's surgical, heart related, or pain as a result of medication. Please keep your physicians informed and ask for pain medication. I wouldn't have made it this far without some relief from the pain. Prayers and Best wishes! Laura
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    I had a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation a year ago and just last month began having pain in my arm, starting gradually at the elbow and spreading from my armpit to my wrist. I returned to the breast cancer rehabilitation specialist who treated me after my surgery and she has done massage and ultrasound, and recommended icing it. It sometimes feels very tight and constricted to the point I can't straighten it out completely and it throbs and gets tired easily. The symptoms aren't severe enough for a diagnosis of lymphedema -- only inflammation at this point -- but it's all consistent with damage to the lymph drainage system from node dissection, and radiation damage. You might want to ask your oncologist about a referral for lymphedema assessment and treatment by a lymphedema specialist trained in decongestive massage therapy. Good luck.
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    Hi, Honey, I know what you mean about every pain! It is not really funny but every thing is a "met". However, I have lots of funny aches and things since my lymph node surgery and lumpectomy. Especially if I work hard, my arm just aches when I lay down to go to sleep. Also, it just feels "heavy", funny thing. I also have 3 finger tips on that hand that "tingle" and sometimes feel asleep. I suspect nerve cutting and damage. Just hang in there. I am 3 years post and doing fine, aches and all! God bless you! Shirlann