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Had the uterine biopsy today. It isnt looking goood according to doc. But onto another thing..when i wake in am now my right hand, had right mastectomy, is completely numb, and as i move it starts pins and needles and i get the feeling back. No swelling in arm or hand. anyone else have this? Also, this site is soooooo cumbersome, takes ages for posts to load..anyone else having this problem?..Susan


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    Hi Sue. I've noticed the past 3 days that my right arm is aching and falling asleep more than usual. While blowdrying my hair, I have to stop several times to get the feeling back. My arms always fall asleep while I'm in bed. I also get a weird tingling across my right upper back directly across from the mastectomy. The surgeon said tingling, burning and weird sensations are normal because there are numerous nerve endings there. I didn't mention the arm sleeping cause I"ve had it before and figured it was just a positional thing cause it goes away with position changes. Watch it for a bit and if it gets worse, check it out. Good luck with your biopsy. I'm praying for you! Keep in touch. HUGS!! Cathy
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    Yes, I am having that problem with my hand going numb on me when I wake up in the middle of the night or morning. Mostly that happens if I have it down at my side, once I move it up towards my head, it is okay. I have no idea either what causes it.
    Yes, I also noticed it takes quite a while for the posts to load. Sometimes it takes quite a while for me to bring the web-site up on my computer also. My prayers are with you as you wait for the results of your uterine biopsy. Lucy
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    Hang in there Sue,
    I have had numbness across chest down into the bicept of arm. I have had shooting pains down arm, and still to this day having stabbing pains right through my armpits since node disection. The numbness is slowly disappearing but still there after over 4 years.
    I think anyone who has problems with this site should complain, that is the only way they will get the message it could be a whole lot better.
    Be good to yourself,
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    Dear Sue
    Nice to have you back on site again. So sorry it's for a bad reason. I am praying for you that the news will not be all bad. I had a right mastectomy 20 years ago & still get the odd bouts of numbness as you describe. So many nerve endings are damaged during surgery & some never regenerate & some only partially so we can expect these problems for ever more I'm afraid.

    I had first Taxotere chemo yesterday & so far no problems except every thing tastes terrible. Will be looking for your updates & good luck.

    Love Pam