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Hello all,
Want to apologize for being away for about 4 months. Got really involved with our local Relay for Life and didn't have time to log on and read postings. Noticed alot of new names have come on. Recently had PAP smear and doctor recommended pelvic ultrasound since I have been on Tamoxifen for over 2 year. Tests showed nabothian cysts on cervix which are benign. Has anyone else developed them? Did you have them removed? Margaret


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    Hi there Margaret,
    Ive never had this but did find some info you may look at www.intelihealth.com.
    It says these are usually common findings, espically in woman who have had children or menopausal and the skin around the cervix has started to thin. As for having them removed, your doc can preform whats called a colposcopy which looks at them with a magnifying instrument if he then sees anything he finds unusual he can do a biopsy to rule out VERY RARE forms of mucus prodicing cancer and then freeze them off.
    Hope this info is helpful to you in some way.

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    Hello, I am not a patient or a survivor but I am on this web site as a college student in FL writing a paper on the American Cancer Society. I noticed in your message that you are involved in "Relay for Life" which tells me you are involved with the ACS. Would you mind answering 2 questions (that I may quote you on) for my paper? It is so hard to find clients of the ACS because of the privacy issue. Here goes: In what way did you benefit from the American Cancer Society? What kind of an impact have they made in providing assistance? I would appreciate it if you could respond and if not, I understand. Best of health to you,