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Hi to everyone. Just popping in to share with you that all my test results are NORMAL!
The mammo (my first 6 month follow up one)was fine and they gave me the results right away...even before my dr. got them! That was a first! Ha.

My PAP test was also NORMAL! My gynecologist
called me, so I wouldn't have to wait for the
card in the mail. That was so thoughtful of
him! (My PAP of 3 months ago had come back as a Class II)

I'm feeling great and just loving living every day.

It seems that several other's of you are getting good test results too and that's so
fantastic! It's inspirational. I can think of no better reason to just stop and be thankful for being alive! Maybe even dance a little jig...if no one is looking and carry on. Ha.

Hope everyone is continuing to take excellent
care of themselves and let's all promise, right here, right now, that we WON'T allow ourselves to become overly tired or stressed
out during the holiday season! (Our special little gift to ourselves.)

Love, light and laughter,


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    Hurray for the good news. It is fantastic that we are having such good reports right now. We can all use some inspiration. I agree with your sentiment about staying stressed free for the holidays. Take care and don't dance too many jigs, so you don't overdo it! Enjoy life. It a pleasure God has given us.

    God Bless,
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    What wonderful news to get for the Holliday's enjoy!!! Sharon
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    Hi there...=)

    I think that is fantabulous news lol. WOOHOOO!!! Great news and during the holiday season to. That has to be a big relief for you. Now put on the shopping shoes and get to it lol.
    I wish you wellness FOREVER!!!!!My most beatimous friend =)