viral syndrome

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Does anybody know what this is,my sister in law has this she is a very close person to me we are married to 2 brothers and everybody would always think we were twins because w ehad names like twins i'm cheryl fontenot shes cherie fontenot i love her like shes my own blood sister so could anybody know what this si shes sick and she cant work she was a lot like me takes a lot to slow us down i got throw down when i got sick now her ,
but thats thye name of disease she has they said its through her whole body they got her on prev pack
which consist of this prevacid,vioxin,trimoxicillan,than shes on for her allergs rinitus and they have her on soma to relax her stomach so if anybody know what this is please let me knowe she went to doctor yesterday because she is totally ruin down she dont have no strength at all sjhes hurting everywhere she got headaches,sor throat,her lungs feel congested she says her whole body is just no strength she is sick please somebody knows anything about thios please let me know.


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    Hi Cheryl:

    I don't know anything about your loved one's
    viral syndrome. It sounds very uncomfortable, like having a major flu or something.

    I'm sure her doctor will take good care of
    her though, so try to relax a bit and give
    it all a chance to improve. Hope that's soon! My thoughts are with you.

    Love, light and laughter,