3 Down, 1 To Go!

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Hi Ladies,
I just finished my 3rd chemo treatment. It hasn't been as bad as so many of you that have shared, but I do have my days of nausea, extreme fatigue, and just wishing it were all over. I am glad I am doing the chemo though. I need to know I've done everything I possible can to defeat this illness. God has taught me so much through this and I know He will continue to do so. Most of all, He has taught me how to receive love from other people. I have always been so independent and I suppose, prideful, and believed I could handle everything. What I was missing out on!!! The overwhelming love from others is such a tremendous blessing. I have had so much joy through this cancer journey. Christ said that we would know they were His disciples by the love they show. How incredibly true! I've always been a giver, but to allow myself to be a receiver is so awesome! Anyway, I just had to share the good with the bad. I am surviving and plan to continue to do so. You have been an incredible lifeline for me. Any hour of the day, I can get on this site and receive comfort, love and support. I can't thank you ladies enough. My prayers and thoughts are with you throughout the day always. Please keep us all posted on your recovery. It's an encouragement and strengthening for all of us...whether we are givers or receivers!
Love, Jayne


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    Hi Jayne,

    I am glad to hear you are doing OK and looking also at the bright side of this experience. You know, it does sound strange to people who haven't been through this , but I am indeed glad I had BC, chemo, rayons. Sure, there were bad times, crappy feelings, exhaustion. But as you said so well, for those of us who were used to being givers, what a wonderful experience to find out we can depend on others, and to receive such love ! Learning I didn't HAVE TO always be in control was at first humbling, then it felt like a real relief. Strange, I don't know wether these are God's ways, or just the stuff life is made of...

    Take care of yourself,
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    Well you have arrived.
    That light must be shining brightly now, at the end of your tunnel. The inner struggles we endure let alone the physical. The transformation emotionally too hard to face at times. You have grown and I hear the truth in your words. Congradulations.
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    Hi Jayne,
    I was glad to see your posting and hear your doing ok. I hope school is going well for you. Talk to you soon.

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    Dear Jayne:
    I am so glad you have not had any further problems with your chemo. When you expect the worse and it doesn't come, it is a much better experience than the other way around!
    God bless you always,
    Hugs and prayers, Brenda