failed whipple

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my mother had an attempted whipple as she seemed to be a good candidate, but the surgery was not completed due to blood vessel encapsulation. the surgeon did palliative bypasses and closed her up. she now faces 5-6 weeks of recovery and then chemo/radiation is being recommended. all i see in the literature is that chemo/radiation are palliative and do not extend life. any thoughts from anyone?

thanks, ann


  • mikeb
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    I am 52 and also had a failed whipple procedure in april(03) Ihave under gone radiation (15)treatments and currently going through chemo (gemzar)started at the same time.Althrough the doctors refuse to tell me the amount of time I have left it doesnt matter because the chemo seems to be helping me maintain my energy level and I can still play golf (however poorly) and go about my life dispite the poor prognosis.I cant tell you how much it has helped me to go on.Also if your mother deceides to go to chemo have her let them place a port in her for access rather than being stuck every time. good luck to to you and your MOM Its a hard road but youll make it.