Questions about constipation on AC

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I underwent my 3rd AC treatment last Tuesday Sept. 4. I was very very constipated the first AC and the next treatment it wasn't too bad. This third treatment I have been very very constipated. I have been taking bowel softeners, sennacot and milk of magnesia. I still feel constipated although my bowels have moved a little bit but not as much as they should and I feel my intestines don't feel right. Does anyone have any suggestions? Looking forward to your suggestions. Love and prayers to all Sylvia


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    You need lots of water and other liquids - tea and coffee and alcoholic beverages don't count.

    The liquid is necessary when you have the AC - esp. the Cytoxan - and also helps for constipation which may be caused by the anti-nausea medications. Try 10 glasses of water each day - Yes, you will find yourself getting up at least once during the night!!!

    Good Luck,
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    Sylvia: I had the same problem- be sure to drink LOTS of water 10 8 oz. glasses at a minimum my nurse told me, it does work.
    good luck. Cathy
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    Hi Sylvia:
    I experienced constipation for the first four days of my first two A/C treatments. My Dr. suggested the Senekot too. It helped me some but I didn't find any real relief until after those first four days when my system seemed to return to normal. The following two treatments found me with diarrhea! Go figure! Imodium took care of it
    though. Drinking lots of fluids may help too. I've a friend who began drinking prune
    juice the day before her treatments and continued drinking it until she got back to normal and said it helped.

    Good Luck!

    Love, light and laughter,
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    I am on chemo & on morphine which also constipates you. I take the sennacot too & lots of fresh fruit. Kiwi fruit is on of the best natural laxatives around. My constipation has got so bad I had to be hospitalized as I had bleeding heomarroids too. Now the kiwifruit has it under a bit of control. It's still bad but improving. Now I am not just pushing kiwi fruit because I come from the land where it grows (New Zealand) but it really works. Lots of luck. Love Pam