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Has anyone experienced neck muscle pain while doing chemo or having a port put in? I have what feels like i slepted on my neck wrong pain for the last few days, didn't know if its from any side effects from chemo or the port? thanks and god bless...karbear


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    I had chemo 2 years ago, taxol and herceptin. I also would experience pain and stiffmess in my neck aprox 2 days after my infusions. I worried that it was "something else" but after chemo ended so did the pain. Hang in there!!
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    I don't know what I do but there may be two messages from me.
    Hi Kar,
    I was 36 with teenage boy, who too was going through his own time. I had stage 3 bc with plenty of lymphnode involvment. It was tough getting through the last treatments. They too were digging deep for a path for those drugs. My body hated it all and I had most side affects.
    Blurred vision is quite common as is the neck and shoulder pain. Often this caused from the stress we go through. It is difficult to relax and have a beautiful experience when we are fighting for our lives.
    A lot of times some the symptoms ease up after getting through all treatments. Just get through it all and then see how you are. Then get on the doctors cases for a better quality for your life and pain managment if you need it.
    The best thing you can do is eat healthy and get plenty of fluids into yourself. If you can't eat think about food suppliments to get you through.
    Take good care of yourself. I will be thinking of you often. Hope your kids are able to help out now. Get lots of rest, if that is possible. Keep us posted.