I hated chemo !!

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Hello, i am newly diagnosed with breast cancer and I have already had a a mastectomy and had one lymph node positive. My oncologist recommended six months of chemo, which I truly hate. I was very sick the first round for one week,,no eating or drinking,not even water, the second round I developed a terrible migrane again,and was sick again. I was put into the hospital for overnite and was given fluids and iv' drugs to help . It did seem to help but for a whole week and a half I everything tasted awful. The oncologist has tried at least six different naseua medicines, none which has helped,,I just get sick when i take them. My white blood cells dropped and I had to be given shots everyday for seven days both times. I am counting down to my next chemo? Is there any hope of it not being so bad. I know I have to do this, I have a lot to live for and I don't want to face cancer again. I am a mother of five children and I am 37 years old. Has anyone out there experienced such side-effects? Please let me know...Thank you and god bless all of you. karbear


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    I was really sick and nauseaed. At the time food was the last thing I wanted. I did develop a taste for fruit cocktail. I got pretty low until I tried Ensure - chocolate and added the best vanilla ice cream I could find. I lived on the Ensure, fruit cocktail and a few other foods for 6 months. This may sound "dumb" but ask your body what would taste good. Think in your mind what would be interesting. For fluids I only wanted grape juice. Good luck and let us know how it goes. Debw
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    Hi! I'm Maggie. I am a 2 year survivor of Breast cancer. I too was diagnosed at a early age (30), I have 2 children.
    Chemo was nothing fun, but like you I knew that I had to take it. I had 13 positive lymph nodes. I took 4 months of chemo (8treatments) & 33 radiation. Nothing tasted good, so I would freeze a coke and eat it. OR I would drink the boost drinks. My white blood count stayed low, so I too had to take neuprogen shots after every chemo treatment. I will put you on the prayer list, remember to stay strong and positive. Hugs and smiles, Maggie
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    Hang in there! Try ginger decaf tea - if they don't have it at your grocer's - they should have it at a health food store. Bottled water is also good - no aftertaste.
    The best advice I got during chemo was the enouragement from my daughter - during my 4 A/C treatments - which made me very sick - we would say after the 1st - I'm 1/4 of the way there, after the 2nd - I'm half the way there - etc. Encouraged me and made me remember this was only temporary. By the way, be grateful for the white blood cell shots - they allow you to get your treatments on schedule which is also important to the effectiveness of the drug.
    You can do it!!!
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    Dear Karbear
    You must be my chemo twin!! You described the same symptoms as me.My first chemo Aug 3 put me in hospital for 4days on IV drugs and fluids. My second on Aug 22 left me too weak to open my eyes for a wk (today is my feeling better day) For me I've found the first 7 days after my chemo are the killer. I also had to have the shots seven days (last one was today) Usually from now I feel better till my next chemo then its the same thing over again. This last time I was soooo depressed I vowed never to have chemo again but I'm 35 with a 4yr old son so my life is ahead of me.
    If you need to email me pls feel free to do so. I have also been on different nauseau meds, compazine, zofran, ativan, advtec, decadron they dont help me much I just have to grin and bear those first 7 days!!
    Keep your chin up we are all in this 2gether and will get through it.
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    Dear Karbear
    I too have had a lot of troiuble with nausea & vomiting with chemo. I have lost 13 kg after 5 chemos. I can't take Zofran as it blocks me up & makes me sicker & dexomethosone is all they can give me now. SO I switched to a homeopathic anti nausea med called NAUSYN. Boy does it work. Now I only get sick for 2 days and I can actually stand up. Before if I stood I was as sick as a dog. Try & get some. In New Zealand it is produced under the WELEDA brand but it is available worldwide under many brands. Hope it works & hang on in there. I have only 1 more chemo to go & it is working as my marker counts are dropping rapidly now & I have halved my morphine intake. Whoopee!!!! Love to you. Pam