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I was just sent an e-mail from a friend about trying to get a breast cancer patient bill of rights through Congress. Lifetime TV is making this possible by offering a web site where you can cast your vote in support that will go before Congress. The more names the Congresswoman who is pushing this through has--the more clout she will have. AS it now stands in many hospitals, a woman must leave the next day after having a mastectomy because some insurance companies refuse to pay for more than one night. This bill will force the insurance companies to allow a patient to stay at least 48 hours or whenever her doctor feels she can leave. If you are interested in supporting this, you can log on to the address below and cast your vote to support this bill.
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    That is a great thing to support. My surgeon said the same thing about pushing women out the next day after a mastectomy and doesn't believe in it. He made sure that my insurance company would pay for the extra time. Unfortunatly not all surgeon's are like that. I will definately cast my vote and Thank you for letting me know about this. Take care! Carrie