Are Biopsies Painfull?

I will have a biopsy done in one week.
My question is, "Will it hurt much?"
My one year exam, after my twins were born via c-section, showed precancerous cells.
I feel like a little kid. They called me two weeks ago, and I have one more week to wait. I find myself more afraid of pain than results! Ha! Also, how long does it take for results to come back? Ballpark figures are fine.
Oh yea.. I am 31 in Houston.


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    Hi there.
    The biopsy pinches, it doesn't really hurt. It's very uncomfortable (more so than a PAP). They'll also do this thing where they kind of "scrape" your cervix...the part they can't see. It gives a mild cramping. Honestly, we must not have nerve endings up in there or something because you'd think it would hurt alot...but it doesn't. You'll bleed quite a bit and they'll snip you more than once. But they stop the bleeding quickly. You can't have sex for probably 2 weeks and you'll have to wear pads for that long, as well, due to a kind of brownish discharge caused by the stuff they use to stop the bleeding (looks kind of like peanut butter). It's scary, isn't it? It takes a week to get results, but if you're OBGYN is worth his salt, he'll be able to tell you right away if he thinks it is cancer. For me, it was stage 3 dysplasia (which is one stage before cancer). I go in on the 27th for a LEEP...which is the same as saying they are going to burn the cells off of my cervix. I have to have general anysthesia (sp?) and I'm scared to death, just because I've never had any kind of surgery. Anyway, take someone with you to hold your hand and do something special for yourself after the biopsy (for me it was Starbucks and the rest of the day off). And let me know how it goes. If you end up in the same boat that I am, I'll be able to tell you about my experience.
    Good thing for the PAP Smear, huh? Nice to know that we'd be dead by 35 if it weren't invented. That thought scares me more than anything.
    I'm 28 in Seattle. My name is Deanna.