pains after radiation

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I finished 6wks or radiation 4mths ago and I am still having aches and pains in my breast.
Will they go away eventually? It's almost like a constant toothache! It's the only reminder I have left so I want to feel normal again!!


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    Hi susanne,
    I ask this question because often times we have much pain and the worst of it is what we are feeling. I had chronic pain and fatigue from my pain for many years after my treatments for my stage 3 breast cancer. It took much convincing on my part to have the pain addressed. After much effort by my pain specialist we unearthed many problems I had. I had much pain in my chest but after addressing this I found I had allot of nerve problems as well as arthritis. These are common after what our bodies have been through. Just some of the side affects that are known as well.
    What ever you do don't stop telling them about your pain until it is addressed. Some feel it is bothersome for doctors but this is your life left to live.
    There is just so much more out there to help us deal with all we have to that no one should be left to suffer. Pain causes depression not the other way around.
    Be Good to Yourself FIRST.
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    I am joining your club. I finished almost 8 weeks of radiation in May. Still have pain, discomfort occasionally. I saw my MAMM tech a couple weeks ago and she said that patients have pain, hardness YEARS after radiation. Thanks docs for telling us that. My radiation onco said it would go away in 6-9 months. hmmm.. just keep taking advil or other otc drug to help it. Good luck. God bless.