need to sleep?

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hi all. i wanted to say i finished chemo last thurs. that was possibly the longest 6 months of my life, but it's over now and i'm happy i didn't quit. one of my main problems with chemo was lack of sleep. doc said it was a combination of chemo and anxiety, but i never slept more than an hour at any one time. he perscribed ambien for sleep, and it made a great difference. i could sleep 4 hours, wake up refreshed and determined instead of sick and tired. if any of you are having the same problem, might be worth a try. you can face everything with a better and more positive attitude if you get some sleep.
thank you to all of you for your thoughts and prayers. reconstruction, here i come.
my prayers are with you all and i hope this year's relay finds us all there and taking part!


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    Congrats on finishing!! My prayers are with you as you head toward reconstruction. Keep us posted!
    Love, Jayne
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    Congratulations on finishing your chemo!!!Yea!! I had the same problem with sleeping. Took Xanax and that helped. I finished 6 mos. treatment May 24 and I feel like a new woman now! It is amazing how great you feel after they stop "making you sick"! Anyway, when are you having reconstruction? I had a bilateral in Dec. with expanders and 2 weeks ago had them replaced with permanent implants. I love them! They feel softer and are much more comfortable. Vist the PS the end of Sept. to schedule nipple reconstruction. This has been a long road but how wonderful it feels to know that I was strong enough to make it through. We are all strong, thanks to our Father above!
    My prayers and thoughts are with you. Please keep us posted on your reconstruction!
    Mel in Ark.
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    Congratulations! Ambien works for me too! I also take melatonin (I found one at Great Earth, a vitamin outlet, that is 6mg. time released and it works for me!) which allows me to cut my Ambien in thirds or halves to make it last longer. Between the two I'm having a mostly full night's sleep instead of sleepless nights! Best wishes - Gay