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Hi Cathy:

I'm responding to our posting of 6/13...hope it's o:k: even though not exactly timely. I only joined the group recently and first read
your subject today.

It has been scientifially and medically proven that stress has a negative effect upon
our immune systems. Of course, our immune
systems are responsible to handle cancers, in
addition to other illnesses. Makes sense that cancer (breast or any other type) could
get a stronghold and begin to grow when one
is stressed and the immune system is compromised as a consequence.

I beleive that all of us have unhappiness from time to time in our lives whether we
recognize/address it or not. None of us are stress free and happy 100% of the time. It is not within the realm of human existence.
However, prolonged stressors will certainly
contribute to disease of one kind or another. (Even the Buddhist Monks aren't
mellow 24/7.) I believe the key is balance. When we have stress, we must do all that we can to reduce it and address the root problem in a positive way and get back on track. For some, that is prayer for others it is meditation or relaxation techniques, for others it is exercise or a nice whirlpool bath...whatever works and relaxes us and stimulates our thought processes into action. I say keep reading those books. It's like anything else: Take what you can use and leave the rest. We need all the positives we can get into our lives. Anything which helps us explore our options and potential toward a better life is a good thing.

love, light and laughter,


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    Hi Inkblot !

    Thanks for your message, for taking the time to answer even though my post was old.

    Life is made up of joys and pains, not always in the proportions we'd like. I know it is part of our growing process to learn how to handle both... I find it fascinating that our body would have part of the answers, being able to help us heal if we learn how to listen to it. I am all in favor of medicine : I believe my doctors and nurses saved my life, and will be forever grateful. However the placebo effect is quite real : when our brain believes something will help the body, it does... even if it is a sugar pill. I have learned so much in the past couple of years, and I have this urge to learn more yet. What is my purpose in this life ? It is funny how questions we asked ourselves as teenagers can pop up when life is threatened... These questions are so old I sometimes feel like a fool. At the same time, I know it is important for me to try and find an answer.

    I have read your personal web page, and I hope you will be doing better now that your chemo is over. I also had chemo, then radiation : I have to say I enjoyed the radiation part ! First I got tattoed (something I would never have done on my own, and it impressed my then 7 year-old daughter). Then I had to be very still for several moments. The nurses were very kind, had a great sense of humour, and decided to improve my "musical culture". So I listened to good music while relaxing like I had never relaxed in my whole life...

    Let me know how you are doing, I wish you the very best.

    And welcome on board !

    With a big hug from Switzerland,
    And lots of love,