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hi to all,
just want to thank all here for the interesting and compelling thoughts you send. we all need to challenge ourselves to stay positive and also be realistic.
lastest scan 7/20 showed increase liver mets even though on navelbine, changed to gemcitabine, gemzaar, and things are feeling better -- less liver tenderness to the touch and so i feel hopefull.
anybody else used this drug??
let's all remember we have been blessed with cancer for at least one reason and that is so that we can appreciate life more fully and seek out loving and encouraging sitauations and people.
take care, thanks again for all the support,
donna g


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    Hi Donna,

    Good luck with your new treatment. You might want to check older posts left by Tiger, she also was treated for liver mets, and she is now doing better. She is a great gal, a very special person specialized in kicking cancer's butt !

    I agree with what you said : cancer can be a blessing, it does make us appreciate life more fully.

    Let me know how you are doing with your new treatment.

    With a big hug,

    (I just love hugs, don't you ? I was born French, we don't hug, we kiss. No, not just French kiss ! My mother-in-law is the one who introduced me to hugs : they are so comforting, a true expression of friendship. OK, I'll admit to being an addict !)