Let's live it up

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After undergoing a double mastectomy for breast cancer with lymph node involvement, and surviving AC and Taxol treatments, you can bet that I am "Living it up" to the fullest. Housework and other responsibilities don't always fit into my daily schedule when there are more enjoyable things to do. I'm not sure how many months after chemo before a person wants to settle down and "stop playing." I'm not at that point yet.


  • jbeardslee
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    Take as long as you want. You earned it. Glad that things are going good....keep in touch. jbeardslee
  • melm
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    Amen and hallelujah to that! I also underwent a double mastectomy in Dec, finished chemo the end of May and going in tomorrow morning to have tissue expanders replaced with implants. For the last month I have felt so wonderful!!! Although I had a scare with my scans ( read the message I posted earlier about Miracle) now I feel like conquering the world! And somehow those little things like "housework" just aren't that important anymore...funny how that works, huh???? I'm so happy for you! I hope you NEVER settle down and stop playing! LIVE IT UP!!!!!!!!1
    God's grace and love to you!
    Mel in Arkansas