Scans....hurry up and wait!!!!!!

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Thank you Sherry, Brenda and Lola for your responses to my post regarding my follow up scans. Although my appt. was for 10:30 am on Tues., one of their CT's was not operating and did not get CT scans until 3:30 that afternoon. During the "waiting time" I had the bone scan. While I was having my scan, another technician came into the room, apparently bored with nothing else to do, and started a conversation with my techinician. He plopped down in a chair and announced " Well, it sure has been a busy day! Every test I've administered has come back positive! Had some lymph nodes involved and a melanoma on the face!"..I thought to myself" Hey jerk, I'm a patient...not part of the furniture!!! SHUT UP!!". These people need to thing before they open their mouths!
It was a very tiring day. Anyway, because it was so late in the day, the results did not make it to my onco before days end. Should find out something today. Thank you for your prayers. Will check in when I hear something.
Love you all of you -
Mel in Arkansas


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    Dear Mel,
    I've learned in my 5 years of dealing with doctors and employess of medical facilities. When you hear stuff like that... SPEAK UP!!! let them know their words have impact. If we allow people to be ignorant they will continue to hurt others.
    Good luck with your scans.... hugs Laura