Does your Dr want you to take progestrone?

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I was pre-menopausal when I underwent chemo for breast cancer and I stopped having periods. My Gyn. Dr. has me take Provera 4 times a year. He says if I have any build up of uterine tissue, this will cause me to have a period. He is worried that by not doing this I am at a greater risk for uterine cancer. I do take tamoxifen and after one full year on it I did get a chemically brought on period and it was nasty. Anybody else doing this?


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    I too have been having problems since undergoing treatments for my cancer. It has been 4 years since treatments and still having irregular periods. Have tried several things to straighten out and now going for altrasound to make sure nothing else causing problems. I do not take tamoxifen, my cancer was not hormonal sensative. This is just one of the side affects I experienced from chemo.