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Hi, all. It's Mel here. Still have questions about the scans they will be doing next week (had my last chemo on May 24). I began with Stage II with 2 out of 16 nodes involved. After bilateral mastec., all scans were clear before starting chemo. I feel that the scans will be okay, but there is this nagging little fear that they won't be. Is this a normal fear? I know that I shouldn't be such a worry-wart!!!! Any feedback from those that have been there would be appreciated!
Thank you and God's grace to all of you!!
Mel in Ark.


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    Hi Mel! It's perfectly normal to be fearful of what might be, but you can't let it rule your life. Try not to worry too much until you know if you have something to worry about!I think anybody who has gone through what we have is scared! I had my 9 mo. check yesterday and was scared but everything seems good! July is my 1st mammo since surgery and I'm real scared but Life goes on! Think positively! You will be fine! Keep in touch! Cathy
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    Dear Mel,
    I know how you feel! I went to my radiologist yesterday to get ready to start my radiation - that included chest Xrays and a CT scan. I keep expecting the phone to ring telling me they found something. Its something I know I'm going to have to deal with now - with future check ups etc - I try to tell myself to just forget about it and finding a good movie - reading a book - seems to help. Watching the Twins game last night really helped! Today I woke up and just decided that I'm not going to think about it - I can't change the future so I'm not going to ruin today worrying about it. Wish me luck!
    You are in my thoughts...
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    Hi Mel,
    Fear is a common thing after all we have been through. It is more important that we are totally aware of our bodies and how we feel. I had stage 3 with plenty of lymphnode involvemnt. It has been 5 years since diagnosis and I still hound doctors because of the pain or how I am feeling. I don't let things go now. All we can do is stay in touch with our bodies and know in our minds that the quality to our lives is very important. With time comes renewed hope and less fear.
    Be good to yourself,
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    With all the knowledge we have on this site of cancer, it would not be normal if you were not worried!!! My prayers are with you that God will continue His mercy; and you will never hear the 'c' word again! We hope and pray for the best, but logically; we need to be prepared for the worse or prepared to take our health much more seriously, and keep a closer check on questionable pains or tenderness or coughs, etc. than one who has never had this sneaky, horrible monstrous disease would.
    Hugs from Brenda in GA.