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I know all of you out there are probably wishing that I would stop talking about it here everyday.I never got to go to a support group i would talk to my husband & family oh they all love me & were there for me , but being able to talk to somebody thats been through it I haven't until now.It makes me feel so good when I read this letters that you write & when I see somebody writes me back on what I wrote makes me have a high you wouldn't believe.I feel so good right now because for 6yrs I held a lot in me that I wouldn't talk about to anybody my fears wandering well do I have it again. I want to write a book about my cancer I even had the title for it the title was IS THERE LIFE AFTER BREAST CANCER? Yes there is.I'm not that intellegent to write a book ,so I just wrote a journal for me which help me to overcome my fears .Itell all of you out there thank-you I feel the old Cheryl is back because i feel so much better about myself .A lot of people in the family made me feel like I was crazy anything I would say they would correct me on it.I finally just accept it & just stop worring of what they thought of me & worry more about my husband & daughter plus my beautiful grandkids & a son in law who I love like my own.I just feel so good now because things that happen to me I'm talking to ya & its the same as me & it feels so good to get this off my chest. My goal was to help somebody that went through what I went through which if they needed somebody just to talk I wanted to be there to listen I don't want any woman to have to keep this all bottle up in them I just want to help in any way that I can because when you get cancer it does not mean you goibg to die dwell on living & that you are going to make it .My love is to all of you because you gave me back my life that I am somebody again thank-you from the bottom of my heart because all i want is to help you if I can
i'm sorry for the long letter love in Jesus --cheryl p.s i'm sorry if i wrote to much i know i'm probably boring you with all this thanks again


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    Good Morning Cheryl, Just read your post and I know very well what you are saying. My daughter and my husband try to "hush" me if I express any fears about the future. They do it because they love me and my fears, frighten them. However, it does help to express your fears out loud to someone and get those words out of your mind. We all have them. I am very fortunate that I am older than most of the ladies here. My children are all grown with families of their own. If this beast had attacked me when I was younger and my children were small, it would have been a much more difficult situation. I can still remember how hard it was to get up in the night with a baby when I had a three day flu bug. What I feel now, that all my treatments are finished, is thankful. Each night when I say my prayers, I tell GOD that I thank him for this day. Each day, now, is so VERY SPECIAL. And Cheryl, you have ALWAYS BEEN SOMEBODY, you have ALWAYS BEEN A VALUABLE PERSON. This cancer can make our bodies sick but it can not touch our soul !!! Keep posting, because you do understand what we all think and feel and you can make a big difference to somone else. Love to you, Nancy