Finished with chemo & ready for scans and reconstruction!!

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Hi, all! I had my last chemo on May 31st and will see my Onco on June 28 to schedule my scans. I am so thankful to be finished with chemo! This week is the first week in a very long time that I worked a full 40 hour week and still had energy to spare! I have received Procit shots the last 2 weeks (the week after chemo had to do Neupogen for a solid week due to low white count), but I really felt terrific this week! I'm so excited and ready to get back to LIFE! I have to admit I am still a little nervous about the scans. All of the scans were clear before I started treatments, but until I hear that news again, I will continue to be this normal?? Has anyone ever been clear before chemo, then found something on the scans after treatments? July 20 I will receive my implants and am really excited about it. These tissue expanders have been, let's say, less than comfortable! I would appreciate any feedback on the scans and feelings you have experienced at this point in treatment.
My prayers remain with all of you.
Love & Hugs -
Mel in Arkansas


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    Mel, I finished my chemo the last of April 7 more radiation treatment's then hopefully in 5 or 6 week's I too can finish my reconstruction and take out the tissue expander's. They have been filled since the end of Jan. and I'am ready to fill something a little softer I have decided on silicone unless the PS say's no . Sharon from Nebraska
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    Mel, Sorry I get off on something and forget to add everything. I have been on Procrit for sometime now once a week and my radiologist has added B12 shot's everyother week for a while to help with my energy level it all takes time to get all your strengh back. a hairdreeser and on my feet alot now I sometimes sit on a stool. One of my ladies had BC 3 year's ago and it took her a year to get her blood back to some what normal. Best of luck with all your surgery's again Sharon
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    Hi Mel,
    Although I have three months to go to be where you are now, your message gave me much hope and encouragement. I just had my third A/C this past Friday. I was feeling ill and alittle sorry for myself, wishing this to be all over soon.Your message allowed me to see some light at the end of the tunnel. I too have an expander and although I find it tolerable, it sure will be nice to sleep on that side again when it gets replaced. My scans were clear at the beginning of this journey also and I know I will worry as you are. Please know that I will be at chuch with my kids this morning, it's their last day of school, and I will light a candle for you, praying for you and all others on board. Keep the Faith. From Eileen in NJ