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You all have been such a comfort to me in this time of extreme pain. My grandmother was everything to me and my family. We do not know what we will do without her. She was the strong one in the family and held us all together. My grandfather is devestated. He is 77 years old and his whole life revolved around her. Her spirit is with us and she would want you all to keep fighting. She took care of my 4 year old and I have not told her yet because I have to get through the funeral tomorrow and sit down and explain things to her and spend some time with her. I want all of you to know how special you all are. And if I can ever help any of you or be there for you I am here. You did not abandon me in my time of need and I would never do that to you. If you need to reach me my regular e-mail is Let me know if anyone needs anything. Hugs to all of you.



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    I hope that you know that we are there for you to. I just want your grandfather to know that she still exist because she is visible in the people she raised and probably knew.
    Do you know that you don't have to give your personal e-mail address because you actually have e-mail with your personal start page!
    Be good to yourself and hang onto each other.
    Your with us all,