15 years later

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I had one breast removed in 1986, but I try not to think about my own experience with BC except when I am doing volunteer work with ACS Reach to Recovery. It was hard not to think about it the other day when I was babysitting for my 4 year old granddaughter. She barged into bedroom when I was changing my clothes, and found me with no blouse or bra. The child looked at me wide eyed. "Grandma, you only have one teta, she exclaimed.(She speaks Spanish as well as English.)"Mommy has two!" I told her my "teta" had gotten sick. She quieted down, but I can't forget it.


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    Yes, that sure would bring back those memories and also make you feel bad. Those things will happen - lots of us will go through this experience, I am sure. Thank God my grandchildren (especially the girls) are 10 and 12, and they know why I only have one breast. My 7 year old grandson knows that I was real sick, but not sure that he knows about losing the breast - so I am sure he would wonder if he were to see me like that also. You are a 15 year survivor, and that is great news to me - I look forward to one my year, which is the end of this week.
    God Bless You - Lucy
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    It has been only five year for me and I see the struggle so many have with putting their lives together and moving on. We will never forget the pain we encured. With each day of getting stonger our hope returns and now we have to get on with the rest of our lives. I too remember what my grandmother looked like after her battle in the early 60's, it helped me prepare for the battle I faced. I was well aware of what I would look like and it is allot better than the distruction she went through.
    It is great to hear success stories like your own, breads hope for others.
    Best wishes to you and yours