New to this site and new to chatting

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I really wish this was around back in would have been a great resource..but what the still will be good going forward...Any words of advice?


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    I too am very thankful for this site. I went through my cancer ordeal in 97. I find that talking about it with others who understand is very important and I didn't have much of that then. I wished I could of talked to a younger woman who had had this disease, but they were always so much older than I, it wasn't very comforting to know this alone.
    I am here trying to ease the pain of others to show that life does go on and we can live productive lives. Others need to see this, no one should be alone with their thoughts, we are our own worst enemy.
    It has been 5 years since diagnosis and I am finally starting to feel like I have a life to live. I have found simplifing my life has made a big difference in how I cope with life. I had to remove stress in my life and finally feel like I have.
    I have grown so much since being apart of this and getting to know other's stories.
    Once agian welcome and hope to see your messages posted soon.
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