Sue & Nancy--new hairline

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Thank you both for responding. To Sue--I live just south of Atlanta in suburb of Jonesboro. To Nancy: This hairline has been growing since December--at first all the hair was white and far back! It keeps getting more dark streaks in it and is now about half inch long--if not for the white, it would look like a baby's head of hair. It keeps growing forward like a widow's peak (which I did not have before); and at the temples it is much closer to the eyebrow than before--I'm not complaining; just wondering if other people's hair has come in different. It is so good to look in the mirror and see something around my face other than skin! Looking forward to it getting long enough to feel the wind blow through it!! What a sight we would all make if we lived close enough together to meet for lunch and all show up with our different looking heads! I bet we would really make other people's heads turn. Those who are still bald to all these different stages! God bless you all. Brenda


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    Brenda, I have found that my hair is coming back a lot thinner, which scares me. I was very proud of my hair, even though I decided not to get a wig and wear scarfs, it has been very hard for me. I am so looking forward to the day that I can go without this scarf. What is the average time for regrowth? Also, I have noticed that my hairline is further back. Take care and here's to fast regrowth, cheer's.
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    Oh Brenda, that would be SUCH FUN to meet for lunch, all of us bald. I know Sue would do it and I am sure Tiger would also. We could put those stick on bows on our bald heads like mothers put on newborns. I wear my wig all the time and it looks exactly like my real hair DID look. No one knows it is a wig until I pop it off. Your words about your hair coming in white are encouraging to me. Maybe mine will grow a little darker color into the white as it grows. It was an ash blonde that I kept frosted. Dishwater blonde that turned orange in the summer when I was young. My youngest son and family lived in Charlotte for 5 years and visited friends in Atlanta many times. Atlanta is a beautiful place. I think both Charlotte and Atlanta are like living in the middle of a great forest. I especially like Ashville. We considered buying a home in Wilmington once, but am now very glad we did not do that. Too many hurricanes for me. We have tornados, but we run and hide in the basement when the warnings sound.......Keep me posted on your hair. Mine just started growing about 1 month ago and is now about 1" long and sticks straight up in the air all a fright wig...Love to you, Nancy
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    Hi Brenda! I'm Maggie, my hair also come back in different. Before my hair was long,straight & light brown with blond highlights. It come back in white at first, then turned black. I tried highlighting it last May, but I hadn't been out of chemo but for 5 months & my hair turned every different color. So I finally cut it short, short to get all of the color out of it. Good luck Maggie